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Budgeting and Scheduling

Budgeting and Scheduling is one of the most initial and fundamental aspect of planning a film project in India, which is managed by our expert production team. Post receiving the script, a thorough breakdown of the script is done by us. Post that, a complete schedule is planned for the shoot along with the most cost effective budget for the project which is then shared with the client.


Locations Scouting & Reccee

We have a comprehensive reach to most of the possible shooting locations in India and even beyond that. Our in house team, post analysis the script and discussion with the client maps out the locations that are most relevant from across the country. Our location managers scout for the most astonishing locations or filming studio options and high resolution images are digitally sent to you that same very day. We put together in-depth film location scouting checklist to help you identify whether a location fits a production’s many technical and logistic needs. If and when required, a complete Reccee for the project is also organised by us. We also provide the resource guides and language interpreter services for the same.


Visa and MEA Permits

Clients coming to shoot in India to make feature film for television or cinema or reality TV shows / commercial TV serials or documentary film will require MEA Permits and a valid Visa from the Govt of India. Our team provides complete assistance to our clients in regards to ‘J’ and ‘B’ Visa depending on the category of video shooting to be done in India. Our team will guide and help with all matters concerning Film Visa and Film Facilitation Offices under the new and latest rule/guidelines by the Government of India.



All kinds of Filming Permits / Location Permits / Shooting Permits that are required for the smooth flow of production process in India are obtained by us with much ease. All work are done as per the rules and regulations set by the respective state and central government authorities. Our experience and carefully developed relationships with local administration, each and every department and government institutions enable us to get every kind of relevant permits and necessary clearance within very little time and much ease.


Import & Export of Equipment’s

We have a specialized team to help our clients with all kind of clearance of equipment and shipments in regards to import and export of equipment to and from India. All types of custom clearance, documentation, paper works and other government procedures are taken care by us.


Hotel & Accommodation

All the hotel, accommodation and local travel are carefully planned, organised and coordinated by our team who are expert in this specific function. Our objective is to get the finest and most comfortable hotels and accommodation options for our clients at the lowest possible rates. We have numerous tie ups and packages with 5 star, 4 star 3 star, budget hotels and guest houses in all possible cities and towns in India. We also give much importance to providing quality and hygienic catering services to our clients during their stay in India.


Set Construction / Filming Studios

We believe that a lot can be done on a set!! From an exotic location to a lavish fort, every kind of requirement of the script can be designed and developed into a perfect set. We have tie ups with numerous film studios in the major cities of India where all visual dreams can be turned into reality. Whatever the budget demands, we have a solution for every need of the script at a very reasonable rate.


Casting,Talent and crowed management

We have a team of casting directors, model coordinators and extras coordinators who have a hug pool of talent from all across India. Being the country with the second largest human population in the world, there is no scarcity of human talent and crowed. We understand the casting requirement from our client on the basis of the scripts and characterization. Post that,we organize numerous auditions which are posted online for the directors / clients to view from anywhere in the world.


Transportation & Facility Vehicles

All type of local transportation including travel from airport to hotels to locations or elsewhere are taken care by our team of professional drivers and operators. We understand the value of time and deadlines and know how important it is for the production schedule,that the cast and crew reach each and every location on time. We also ensure clean and comfortable facility vehicles in every location possible across India as per the need of the client.


Shooting Equipment

Today majorly all kinds of shooting equipment in regards to camera, lights, sound etc are available in India and we can arrange for them at ease and at the best possible price. Though import of any kind of equipment is very much possible and manageable by our team, but keeping in mind the cost effectiveness and convenience it may be a good idea to source for the equipment locally. We have a long term relationship and good connection with a number of studios and equipment rental companies in all major regions in the country to ensure high quality equipment at the lowest possible price.


Film Crew

India has no shortage of talent in India when it comes to a film crew. We have tied up with the best of the technical talent in this field available and our database boast the most comprehensive list of skilled and specialised professional from all across the country. We negotiate and get the best and the most economical rates for these talents on behalf of our clients. We also act as liaison when it comes to managing the various unions and other groups handling the technical and non technical crew and staff.



It is important that all legal and accounting matters are taken care of in terms of Indian taxation policies, contracts with crew members, rental agreements and other legal and accounting procedures for a smooth production process. Our legal and accounting team oversees all of the above and ensure that every thing is handled effectively and in extremely transparent manner for day to day operations and any kind of audit.


Stock Processing / Data Upload / Post Production Facilities

Our team can arrange for the transportation of the stock footages taken in India to any lab across the world where the client want to process the film. HD backup can also be arranged here in India. We have in our network the best of film processing, post production studios, editing and sound mixing set ups available in the country and all the post production needs of our clients can be managed here at the most economical budgets.


Our Team's Prominent Work

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