“T for Taj” an award winning film concept “Eat for Teach”

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“T for Taj” an award winning film concept “Eat for Teach”
  • Oct 31, 2018
  • by Satya Shukla

“T for Taj” an award winning film concept “Eat for Teach”

Film ‘T for Taj Mahal’ Produced by Producer Abis Rizvi
Stars Subrat Dutta, Bidita Bag, Manoj Pahwa and Raveena Tandon
Directed by : Kireet Khurana
Line Produced in Agra by : TruewWay NetWork, Satya Prakash Shukla
Concept of the film : butter chicken is served with a social message “Eat for Teach”
butter chicken and dal makhani, the menu for the Taj Mahal Dhaba has a few peculiar entries: English, Hindi and Math. The fictional restaurant is the star of Kireet Khurana’s upcoming film T for Taj Mahal, about a roadside vendor near the famed Agra monument who asks tourists to educate the children from his village in exchange for food.
T for Taj Mahal is about a man who wants to bring literacy into his village and he does it through his unique social enterprise, “The protagonist starts a wayside dhaba in his village where there are no schools. He asks the customers in the Dhaba to teach the children of the village instead of paying for the food. It is a kind of a social entrepreneurship premise. At this point I do not think I can reveal too much, but that is basically the crux of the film.
film producer Late Mr. Abis Rizvi S/o Late Lokasabha & Rajya sabha member Mr. Rizvi was a businessman and owner of Rizvi group of educations, who gave Khurana the idea for the film. Rizvi died in a mass shooting attack by militant at an Istanbul nightclub on December 31, 2017.

Abis was truly an educationist and philanthropist by heart,” Khurana said. “He had identified the basic subject and asked me if I would like to direct it and of course I jumped at it because it was a great opportunity to make a difference. But it is unfortunate that Abis died in the terror attack. We had a bit of a hard time completing the film, but Sony came to our rescue.

Khurana believes that the idea proposed in the film could become a viable business model to improve literacy levels in India. He is propagating that with the hashtag #EatAndTeach, which accompanies the film’s promotional posts. “T For Taj Mahal falls in the category of what you call an impact film,” Khurana said. “Impact films are not just films with a message, but also a road map to actually ignite or start a conversation. If there are eateries that take up the cause of ‘Eat and Teach’, it can change a lot of things in India, where there are about 300 million people who are illiterate.”

The film has been written by Kireet Khurana and Ashish Aryan and is set in the fictitious village of Bajjar near Uttar Pradesh’s Agra. “Ashish and I went to the interiors of Uttar Pradesh and with the help of Mr. Shukla (Trueway Network) did the entire research there and took about six months to write the script,” Kireet Khurana said. “Subrat Dutta is the most extraordinary actor. We did our rounds of auditions and all that and there was absolutely no doubt that Subrat Datta was the right choice because of his versatility and depth in understanding characters. The same goes for Bidita Bag. In this film she plays a very demure village girl who wants to get married to a literate man.
Mr. Kireet Khurana also forwarded his thanks to Mr. Satya Prakash Shukla (TrueWay Network) for providing all the Production services and production’s logistics all govt and local permissions to make the shoot completed very smoothly & comfortably.
In Film “T for Taj” Mr. Satya Prakash Shukla has also played a character roll of restaurant manager in Agra.

We are also very much thankful to all the Team of Production Abis Rizvi

and specially to Mr. Ahzaj Ahmed,Productio Head.

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